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Traditionally, when websites came into existence, it can be assumed that people will be browsing it from a desktop computer. A lot has changed since then. With the multitude of devices with internet and web browsing capabilities, websites can now be viewed in different screen sizes and screen resolutions.

According to data published by Statista, mobile devices account for more than half of web traffic worldwide. And these numbers are expected to continue growing. …

Using Google Places API

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I am currently working on an App with a functionality that let’s a user search for a city (any city in the World), and be able to see photos from that said city. It took me a couple of days of research and numerous trial and error to come up with a working solution. I’m hoping that I can give you an idea of how to implement a functionality like this, in the next 5 min.

Before we proceed, I want to mention that I implemented this functionality in a React Native app, so I am going to assume that you are familiar or at least have a general understanding of React or Javascript. Also, I am making use of Google API, so we are moving forward with an assumption that you have already gone through the steps of acquiring a Google API key and enabling your Places API. …

I moved to New York City over ten years ago to pursue a career in theatre. For a little over a decade, I had been fortunate to practice my art, and enjoy living in this chaotic yet wildly exciting city. I’ve enjoyed my career as an artist and was quite happy with the things I got to do in this line of work. …

I’m creating my first Rails app project! I have so many ideas and so many awesome functionalities I want to implement! I am so pumped!

But then immediately, something got me stumped.

Over the years, Rails has evolved and has become one of the most powerful web application frameworks available. It comes with so many built in functionalities; it makes development of modern web applications much easier and more fun. It’s almost…dare I say it… ✨ magical ✨ 😜.

In my app, I wanted a user to be able to create a post and be able to upload an image or a video along with it. Kinda like, you know… in Facebook. (Don’t worry Mark Zuckerberg, I’m not ready to take your job yet. …

How to debug your Ruby code using Pry

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Learning how to code is pretty much like being a child learning the complexities of a language in order to communicate with everyone you interact with; in our case as programmers, a computer. When I started learning Ruby, one of the beautiful things I immediately noticed is how nice Ruby is to us. As much as it can, Ruby will let us know if there is something wrong with our code; what the error is, and where. Take the code below for example:


Roy Flores

Theatre artist turned Software Engineer 🤓

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